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What are normal eating habits for a toddler ?

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Now that your toddler is mobile and constantly moving around, they'll have less interest in sitting down to eat meals. They'll also make it clear what they don't like or if they aren't hungry.

It's very common for toddlers to be picky about foods. This could be due to textures, tastes, smells or even looks. Keep offering a variety of healthy foods prepared in different ways.

They may want to drink lots of juice and milk. Limit their consumption of these as they could curb appetites and fill up their bellies instead of food.

Toddlers may go through phases of eating a lot or a little or only eating certain things. Don't be alarmed when they do this.

Keep portions tiny. Insist on them sitting for at least one meal a day, usually a dinner time when the family is together. They'll probably protest but you're setting good examples and it gives them opportunity to learn good manners.

Give them choices within reason. Let them decide between broccoli or green beans. That feeling of being in control allows them to assert their independence appropriately.

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What are normal eating habits for a toddler ?
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