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How to get toddler to sleep in his own room?

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I put my baby in her on room when she was about 2-3 months,she was fine.I guess having her in our room in her bassinet made the transition better.The bassinet matress was thin and noise and we thought that woke her up during the night.It worked! she was great ,still loves her big bed ( crib) we have a camera in my night stand since she was borned.I think the sooner the better,so mommy and baby have a good rest.


I kept waking up to check on Nina our first night here, since this is the first time Nina's had her own room, but she was fine each time. Now I just keep her door open and baby-gated firmly at night and my door open, too, so I can hear if anything goes wrong, since her room is right across from mine pretty much. We never used a bassinet, she was in her crib from day 1 and never had a problem with it, and now with her Toddler bed, she's still adjusting to the freedom of it but she likes it. I didn't cry or anything with her new room, I just kept peeking in to check on her.

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How to get toddler to sleep in his own room?
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