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What to do if your baby won't sleep in a crib

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a long time ago

We only used a crib with our first two children. After that we slept with our babies. We slowly ran out of room for even a crib when we were in our townhouse so I am glad we did it the way we did.

a long time ago

1. Lay them in their crib and walk out of the room.2. If they cry, walk in, pat them on the back to show them you're there and walk out.3. Continue to do step two, waiting a little bit longer between each time you go in the room, until they fall asleep.

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Baby checklist. Week 5
1. My baby is starting to pay more attention to the world. He notices sounds and looks around to try to figure out where the sound came from.
What to do if your baby won't sleep in a crib
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