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Toddler's public screaming: how to avoid?

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I mean every child has their episodes. I just think it's a way of evaluating what could trigger their behavior. Also, if my daughter becomes unruly, extremely fussy it's usually she's tired and I talk to her afterwards to tell her behavior wasn't apporiate and needs to practice using her words effectively.


well, for my daughter I just pay attention to her needs and wants since, she's still learning to communicate with her words and 2 year old after all. I've noticed if I bring any snacks, toy distractions or talk to her what I see while shopping or doing an errand seems to work with me


you have catch on to that stuff quick when you first notice it and do something about it now yeah it is not ok to argue with you 4-5 year old or 2-3 year old but you got to say it once and it should only be said once but of course with toddlers you always have to say it over and over again like if you put thm in time out and they get up throwing a fit screaming yelling yea dont say anything just pick thm back up and gently put thm back in the timeout spot walk away you have to keep doing it but eventually they kno u are seriouse in public that is when it is harder i always tell my little girl before we go anywhere what we are doing and this is what is happening.

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Toddler's public screaming: how to avoid?
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