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What to expect the toddler years

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I think it really depends on each child. For a toddler, my daughter is very even tempered and you don't see that very often. But just from observation, toddler boys are more interested in playing and discovering, testing boundaries and are braver than girls, but not in all cases. Toddler girls are more into play - learning rather than just aimless play. They observe their surroundings more and analyze. I personally love the toddler years. If you give them a lot of love and support, they will learn so much and just take off like a butterfly. It's a beautiful couple of years where you're still in charge, but get to watch your toddler be themselves and socialize, interact and respond to life in their own way. It's wonderful :-)


I think the first year is the easiest. My girls are 3 and 4 and I think the toddler years are soooo much harder. Cause then they are smarter and can do things for theirselves if they want something. For example I keep our tooth brushes on the top ledge of our medicine cabnet and caught them both trying to climb up there cause they wanted brush their teeth. You just have to watch toddlers 24/7 until they really learn and know what they are and aren't suppose to do.


Separation anxiety is very common in young children and a normal stage of development. In early childhood, you'll see crying, tantrums or clinginess. These are healthy reactions

You can start by practicing separation in very small increments of time. With babies and toddlers, you can play Peek a Boo to teach them object permanence. Mom "disappears" and then "reappears".

Leave the room for a few minutes at a time. Make sure they see you walking into another room. Talk to them from another room where they can't see you. Come back into the room.


I always tell people i love my boys but i hate their ages and toddler years. Toddler years are nothing but testing and its so frustrating.

I love the 3-6month stage the most

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What to expect the toddler years
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