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Toddler in the kitchen: can they help you?

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My little girl is very curious and very smart. She loves to help me and her dad. In the kitchen she has her own drawer filled with various measuring cups, spoons lids ect. When I am cooking, she knows the stove is hot and stays away. When I am mixing ingredients, I have her pour in the dry stuff and mix it a little. Remember toddlers attention spans are little and it only takes a few minutes of your time to show them that they are included in what ever you do. Its also a great learning tool to show them to measure and pour when cooking.


My two year old son helps me in the kitchen. He pours the ingredients in the bowls and stirs. He loves it.


Here are some ways a toddler can help you in the kitchen:


In my opinion that it would be a great experience for toddler to help you in the kitchen. Plus it would be a great education for toddler to understand the math and etc. It is no "too early" to learn things even in the kitchen. Of course, we need to supervise toddlers to make sure they don't get hurt. Education is limitless to toddlers and it is best way to teach them at early age. I would do the same thing when my son learns how to talk. :-)


Something I never learned as a child, that was important to me to teach my kids, was to have them know their way around the kitchen. From toddler years up, you can have your kids help in the kitchen to make meals and snacks, here are some things you can do to include your toddler in the kitchen:

1) Make Smoothies - make sure the blender is not plugged in, have your toddler place various ingredients into the blender for the smoothie. You will have to do any measuring but they can pour the stuff in..

2) Make Microwave Scrambled Eggs - There are two ways to do this, place cracked eggs (1-2) with some milk in a bowl, allow your toddler to whisk it so that it's all mixed up. Help toddler place bowl in microwave and say the numbers you hit to cook the eggs; they will learn numbers as part of this too! Usually 1 minute at a time for cooking and keep eye on eggs so they get to approved texture, over cooking makes them hard.


We've always baked with our toddlers. They help peel veggies (using a dull-er peeler). They help wash veggies. Our children love helping in the kitchen.

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Toddler in the kitchen: can they help you?
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