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Language activities for toddlers

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There are many different language activities for toddlers but the most important one in my mind is to read to them. Ask them what they see. Have them point out certain things. Reading to them lays the foundation for them learning the alphabet.

Model good listening skills when talking to your children and echo what they say, along with the correct pronunciation and grammar. Hold conversations with them and make them feel like their opinions are valued.

When you talk to them, add descriptives whenever possible. Instead of saying "Yes, that's a car.", you could say "Yes, that's a blue car. It has 4 wheels and is going fast."

Try to encourage their imagination with creative play through the use of dolls, puppets and dress up clothes. Ask them to tell you a story or act it out.

You are your child's first teacher and the most important one they'll ever have so make the most of it.

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Language activities for toddlers
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