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How to stop toddlers from hitting their parents?

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when I am mad or frustrated, I find that my first instinct is to want to yell. So although she stopped the behaviour, it still caused long term effects. Especially because we don't tend to see yelling at our children as "bad," when in reality it causes a lot of long term issues. I think as parents its important to ask ourselves: is this just dealing with the behaviour, or is this dealing with the underlying problem?

Many parents are quick to discipline a tempered toddler for stomping and hitting. When the real problem isn't either of those things, its a lack of emotional control. Emotional control is not something that will be taught through punishment, it is something that must be taught from the parents.


"Always Always, correct this behavior, do not allow her to think that it is ok to hit, especially you guys, I hate to see it when I am out and about, kids, toddlers beating the hell out of their parents in public, it is beyond embarrassing then they try to consolidate years of their ignoring the problem into some 5 second tutorial, Stop Her! And the more adorable the child is the more Damien-like they behave! don't be afraid to put your foot down, no! Eliana ! do not hit! No hitting! she may cry because she does not understand that the emotion of being wrong is different from the emotion of seeing you receptive and smiling, she will learn and grow to be the best! Her human instinct will kick in if she ever needs to defend herself so don't worry about that! Discipline even in the womb is fine, I say!

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How to stop toddlers from hitting their parents?
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