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Toddler's self-feeding with utensils tips

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My toddler is 19 months old and she is just now starting to figure out how to use a spoon. I was watching a reality tv show a few nights ago and I saw a 13 month old self feeding with a fork and spoon and using it properly. I was surprised and wondered if my daughter was behind.


What to Look for in Toddler Feeding Utensils

Handles with a special texture or shape. Chunky handles with rubber grips make it simpler for pint-size paws to pick up and hold on to.

The right-size utensils. Most toddler feeding utensils have an age suggestion on the label, so you know you’re getting forks and spoons proportioned just right for your little one’s fingers.

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Toddler's self-feeding with utensils tips
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