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How to encourage toddlers to eat more varies of food than being picky eaters?

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Let your toddler snack on a variety of foods throughout the day. Toddlers like to dip, drink, help cook and top their foods. Let them have a choice. Most toddlers have one healthy meal a day. Get creative with your toddler's meals. I love to cook and I encourage my daughter to help me. I like this web-site from Disney junior to cook fast fun meals for my daughter and the whole family.


I tell you I have a picky eaters and I WISH I had done the "Color" method when my children were younger. My sister used the color method n her children when they began easting and through their toddler years and boy did it pay off! They will TRY anything and see if they like it... their taste buds accept almost anything... for instance...we were at a function and her 2 year old tried a fig...and LOVED IT!

What is the color method? It is essentially introducing a different color.


I have a picky eater too. But if you try to cut up foods into tiny pieces, she will probably eat them. Toddlers would go days without eating anything, that is normal. What you can do is to keep offering variety foods and leave it on the table. She would eat if she is hungry.. Kaden is like this.

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How to encourage toddlers to eat more varies of food than being picky eaters?
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