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How to stop toddlers from biting other people?

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My uncle would bite his older sister (they were not very far apart in age, maybe a year) so my grandmother told my aunt to bite him back. He stopped biting her. Some people I know of would gently bite back--not enough to hurt--which made the child stop. I would not bite my child though. LOL I know they sometimes bite when teething, only because of my many nieces and nephews. My mother would put her finger or hand to my nephew's lips and tell him, "No biting." He stopped after a while. I believe there is a right method for each child and not every one will work.

A little one year old I know bit his uncle on the behind! His toddler teeth are coming in.


The biting stage is something many toddlers go through during times of high tension and can be tension caused from situations that you, as their parent, don't realize are that difficult really, but to a toddler they are difficult situations. Toddler biting can be comparable to a sneeze or a cough, it's really an involuntary way to respond during a stressful/scary/tension and it's up to you to ensure you are being understanding, compassionate and working to correct their responses to tension/stress/frustration.

A way to be proactive to ensure your toddler doesn't have times of tension to that biting point is to be involved with your toddler, make sure to spend quality time with them each day. For whatever amount of time you can, make time each day that is one on one with your toddler. Teach your toddler how to express emotions, teach them what each emotion is. Encourage your toddler to use words, draw pictures, or what ever outlet they may have to show you what they are feeling on a regular basis.

The key to responding to a toddler biting is to sit down at their level and speak to them; let them know you are here for them and you are sorry that they felt that tense that they bit you.

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How to stop toddlers from biting other people?
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