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Easy summer crafts for toddlers

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Sensory bottles:Take empty plastic bottles (soda or water) fill with water and "other item:
1. Lava bottles: fill 1/2 water and food coloring, and 1/2 baby oil. It produces a lava lamp effect when tilted.
2. Snow globes: fill half with water and half with corn syrup. Add glitter, beads, paper clips etc. The corn syrup makes the glitter fall slowly for dazzling effects.
3. Discovery bottles (not pictured): fill with rice and small objects like dice, small toys, paper clips etc. As you roll the bottle, different objects will come to the surface to be discovered.

Once filled, simply fill the bottle caps with hot glue and turn them on. Let set until dry and you have a great addition to you sensory set.

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Easy summer crafts for toddlers
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