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Cute or cruel: pierce baby's ears

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I had Jay's done when she was 4 months old. It was so easier to get it done then instead of when she's older. She let me clean them good as to when she's old she'd fight me to clean them, maybe. If she doesn't want them pierced when she's older all she has to do is take them out! I never heard of a girl being mad at her mom for piercing her ears at a young age rather than later on in life. It's not for everyone but for us it was. No need to get upset over another's moms decision for her OWN child :)


I'm against piercing my daughters ears. I feel like it should be her decision when she gets older. I don't think because "it's cute" is a good reason to make that decision for my child. As she grows they may change position. She may not want her ears pierced when she is old enough to make that decision. They could get infected and then I have another thing to add to the list of why my babies crying and keeping me and other members of the family up. Even though she gets mistaken for a boy sometimes when she wears yellow and doesn't have a bow on I still don't want them pierced just so others know she is a girl without having to ask. No offense to anyone but I don't care what others think or mistake her for. I don 't necessarily think it's cruel but I definitely don't think it's cute. My baby is not an accessory.


Since the child cannot make the decision to have pain inflicted on them (shots are different--those are needed), I think it is cruel. Sure they "may" look cute but that is beside the point. To add to that, sometimes infections can set in. I think it should be banned until an appropriate age where the child is able to take care of her ears properly.
Piercing the infants ears seems more for the parent than the child itself. You need to ask yourself, would I like for someone to force me to do something that will cause pain?


My vote is cute! I think babies look really pretty with their ears pierced. We had Annabelle's ears pierced at 10 months and we are very happy with our decision. It's not for everyone, though. I can see both sides.


I think it's beyond cute! I was a little disappointed that Lucas was a boy and I can't pierce his ears haha. He can do that when he's older if he wants. I know Abby got her ears done for her first birthday! I got mine done at 4 months!! But they got infected so we had to let them close and heal up and they got redone at 4 years old.


I'm not a fan of ear-piercing babies personally, though I understand it can be a cultural tradition, which is different. I was once in a salon when a woman brought in her sleeping 3 month old baby, woke her up to get her ears pierced and then got frustrated by the screaming.

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Cute or cruel: pierce baby's ears
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