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How to go about placing a child up for adoption

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There are a lot of adoption agencies that will walk you through how to go about placing a child up for adoption, and a Google search should lend a lot of results for these places. If you don't want to go that route, many hospitals, especially church-run ones, and speaking of.. churches too are safe places to hand over your baby. Look up adoption and your city in Google or look it up in your local phone book to find places near you.


Most of the agencies will send you information about their agency. Most agencies pay for everything all you have to do is fill out the papers they send you and send them back. If you want it to be confidential they'll send blank envelopes without everyone knowing.


My husband is adopted from Korea so we learned about the drop box from the adoption community and his birth family a few years ago. It's amazing what they do and it's especially important these days.

Many of these women are afraid their future husbands and/or in-laws will find those records so many of them are abandoning their children rather then placing them for adoption.

The man who runs the drop box said that he went from finding 1 or 2 babies in the box each month to 19!

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How to go about placing a child up for adoption
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