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Did you buy baby supply when pregnant?

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With my daughter I really didn't buy anything ahead of time. I got most of my daughters stuff at my baby shower and from my parents. With my son though, I didn't have a baby shower at all so I knew I would have to buy most of his things myself. My dad and close friends bought him things but I still bought almost everything. Only way I could do this was by buying a few things at a time every pay period. I started as soon as I found out I was pregnant by buying things that were easy to buy without knowing the gender, or buying items that I liked that were gender neutral. I started my getting diapers, wipes, pacifiers, n bottles. I also bought the crib set since it was gender neutral and I was going to use the same one with either sex. Once I knew I was having a boy I started buying clothing and bigger items. It's so much easier to have everything before the baby comes and before your so pregnant that going shopping is difficult lol. Plus you never know what to expect, my daughter was early and took me completely by surprise. I had just had my baby shower about 10 days before i had her or I wouldn't have had anything for her.


I did , I tried to start early on and get a little at a time . I usually waited until I found out what I was having so about halfway thru . I felt less stressed If I got things as I went instead of being super pregnant and trying to rush and get it all done at the end . It was also more affordable that way. I would try and get one or two things every pay day .

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Did you buy baby supply when pregnant?
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