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Thoughts on boys playing with baby dolls

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We had three girls and then two boys and while they usually didn't have anything nice to do to the girls' dolls, occasionally they did opt to play instead of torture or rough house with the dolls. We really didn't have a problem with it because boys do grow up to be dads and they can practice being one just like the girls. When our boys would rough house or throw the dolls, we would encourage them not to treat them that way because that isn't how we treat a baby. We did the same thing with our girls when they got rowdy and goofy with their dolls.

I think our younger boys have played with dolls more because of our 8 year old daughter being the "boss" in what the younger three play. Our younger boys have been known to try and nurse the dolls. :)

I have a walking doll that I got when I was 2 and all the children boys and girls included love to play with her. Probably because she is kept in my closet and is still a novelty because they rarely get to play with her. She hasn't lasted 42 years without a reason. But I don't have a problem with the boys playing with her as long as they keep it nice. I think if the dolls belong to me or their sisters, the boys need to treat is as such and be nice in their play and not wreck someone else's property.

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Thoughts on boys playing with baby dolls
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