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Moms, what makes you feel like hotties

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I have beautiful skin and legs, I also love doing handstands it keeps my back straight and because of it my clothes fit very nicely, I see myself the way that GOD sees me so I enjoy and love people which allows me to see all the beautiful things in others, I'm rooting for you!! It makes me feel "hot" knowing that I can appreciate the beauty in others! It eliminates envy and or jealousy!


I feel like a hottie when I am wearing a cute sundress and my hair has been blow dried all nicely. I think that the key of feeling like a hottie all the times is your personality and self confidence. If you feel like a hottie and believe you are a hottie, than you are definitely a hottie. You don't really have to have special clothes or lots of makeup to think so. You are a hottie even in your pajamas with your hair pulled up.


When I need a little oomph or boost of confidence, red lipstick is my go-to. Sometimes I like adding in red nails for even more of a "hotties" feel too, lol. I know it's not something everyone likes, but there's something so eye-catching about red. A pair of heels can do wonders too, as long as I don't have to walk on gravel.


Things that makes me feel hot is to be comfortable in your skin. I love to have my hair out and crazy.

Outfits that makes me feel like a hot mama is tank top, my favorite jeans and some cute sandals. I want to invest in a lot of scarves that goes on my hair.

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Moms, what makes you feel like hotties
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