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Should you pull out a very loose kid's tooth

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I would say no, let it fall out naturally BUT my husband is great for pulling out my childrens teeth. If its just hanging there and my child gets annoyed he will pull it. I always check to make sure there isnt any infection or brusing, if so immediatly call the dentist. The mouth is very sensative and not something to play with. One small infection could lead to death. Be cautious when doing this.

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with my 4 children, I always have them eat an apple to get it out whenever they have a loose tooth. If it's extremely loose (dangling by a thread) then I'll have Dad to pull it.

a long time ago

I either leave it alone or pull it, usually on the sly because they get themselves so worked up about it being pulled. Or have had one or two ask me to pull it because it was irritating them so much just waiting! And it has to be ready or I'd tell them no.

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Should you pull out a very loose kid's tooth
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