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What are the pros and cons of homeschooling

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So i had a friend in SC that home schooled her daughter. Yeh she benefited from it but then she did not. Cause her daughter did not like the fact she did not have friends her own age she could not hang out with and talk to. So then mom let her go to school her last year to meet friends and graduate, but it was hard for her to meet friends cause she was home on a daily bases, but she did it.


My children have always attended public schools up until last year when I pulled my boys from our "county school" I homeschooled them for 3 months. I did enjoy the time with them at home and the one on one..but I did send them back to our city school this year. I feel like they need to interact with children their age. If they are struggling in a subject there seems to be more resources out there in a school setting to help the child grow. I like public school because the children get to attend school functions, plays, sports, etc. This also gives you time away from your child, gives them a chance to become independant and grow as an individual. Homeschooling was not for us.


The pro of homeschool is they learn more from home than they do at school. I have taught my kids at home before they even started school and when they started school they were ahead of most of the kids in school. The only con I have about homeschool is getting them aquainted with other children their own age unless you do with other children but i wouldn't have children no older than two years older.


My daughter has been homeschooled for the past two years. She was in public school until the seventh grade. She came to me and asked for a change. She said she was tired of all the drama.

She loves homeschooling and says she doesn't want to go back to public school.


I homeschool my 6 year old. He is developmentally delayed. It's not hard to get him started but it's hard to keep his focus after about 20 minutes he is done and wants to go off and play. We do field trips and stuff like that so he's not just sitting at a desk all day doing it.


I personally don't see any cons to homeschooling. I homeschool my older two and plan to do it with all four when the younger two are old enough. I love it. I get to control their environment and the influences they are exposed to. I get to be their teacher and spend every moment with them. I don't miss anything! Which is exactly how I want it. I was there when my sons tooth fell out, or when he learned to tie his shoes, when they learned their alphabet I taught them that! It's an amazing thing to see children learn and grow.


Homeschooling helped me stay out of trouble. It prevented bad association and harmful things. Its safer I should say. On the other hand. I could not be isolated! Being social is good for you! So its really hard to decide weather you would want to home school your child or not.


Some kids do well in a one-on-one environment, but others thrive on competition and friendship. Three of my four kids enjoy music and band (a skill I'm totally lacking), so school is much better for them.


The biggest pro on homeschooling in my opinion is that the child gets one on one attention when learning. It is very hard for a teacher to give individualized attention to her students. The con is that school lets a child develop necessary social skills.

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What are the pros and cons of homeschooling
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