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How long to breastfeed baby per session

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Until they are satisfied. If you put them on a schedule and limit them it will mess with your supply (I did with my boy-the first I breastfed so coming from experience). Alternate starting breasts so you know they are getting the hind milk.


With my first I timed them based on something I read, but how I nursed my first on a schedule, etc. was not good for my milk supply.

I learned to offer each side as long as baby wanted to nurse, which meant sometimes they fell asleep and woke up to start nursing immediately again. If they were newborns, I would try hard to keep them awake by undressing them down to their diaper, tickling their toes or back or side, rubbing their cheek to get them to latch on again. Sometimes a bath helped too.

But as long as they want to nurse, as they can get multiple let downs.

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How long to breastfeed baby per session
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