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What would you say to mothers who's pregnant and smoking

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I am sure she knows the risks and that it is harmful. It's not my place to judge her or call her out. It's not really my business. I would think she was really addicted. I am sure she has heard it from her doctor and others. Just because you think it's not right you don't always have to voice your opinion. You could add added stress to her by making her worry. I don't like making people feel bad. If she asked for help then I would tell her to talk to her doctor. I am big on not giving unsolicited advice.


I would not say anything to a mother who is pregnant and smoking unless she asks me for advice. I am sure that everyone knows that smoking is dangerous and has risks and that it is not safe to do during pregnancy. Chances are that mother is very addicted and is having trouble quiting. It is not my place to give her a lecture or make her feel bad. If she asks me for advice I would be happy to help her.

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What would you say to mothers who's pregnant and smoking
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