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Did you get pregnant on purpose or by accident?

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Yes myself and my husband had a clear planning. We are now planning of having our next baby after 3 years so that we can give enough attention for our first baby with God 's grace


Jonah was thought about but my husband did not feel ready. Well, he was conceived using protection (it can happen, girls). I was ecstatic though because I did want a baby. Amelia was planned. It took 9-10 months for her to happen. I never use the term, "accident." Jonah was my "beautiful surprise."


On purpose


First two on purpose last accidently but no regrets.


hi,my name is kayla. I have daughter who is one month old named Ellie. I was not planning to have a baby at twenty one,I was going to wait until I was thirty and now I more and ii hope to be having another baby as soon as possible. Things have not been that great with my husband. I just found out that when he was supposed to be at work he was either having sex with other women or taking drugs.


having had 5 surgeries on my ovaries and one Fallopian tube removed due to pcos that if i wanted to have children i would prob have to go the ivf route. so when my husband and i were in a good place(and the iud i had just in case fell out) we said if it happens it is meant to be. at 28 i didnt expect with all the unsafe times i had before and nothing. so two months after it was gone it happened! i guess i just had to be with the right one. this time around total surprise

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Did you get pregnant on purpose or by accident?
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