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Pregnant at 16 : teenage mother stories

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Hi Kay,

You are a strong girl/Mom! I appreciate your courage to move on and take care of two children at your age!

Do you believe in God? Do you go to Church? I really pray you are.

I equally had a painful time as a young Mom, but you are younger. I turned to GOD. I prayed and taught my children how to pray despite their tender ages, and dont regret it, because, they lift me spiritually when I am so low. They are my best and closest I have, besides, God.

The youth when left free, end up in very traumatising situation. Let you baby have a better teenage life, by starting now. You are not suffering because you messed up, but you messed up because, partly, you were left to do what you wanted. Have you heard of an online coach - Elisha Goodman? try and google that name. You will not regret.

I will pray for you and children. Love you all.



I was pregnant at 15 and a mother at 16. Unprotected sex a few times resulted in my first pregnancy. At 38 weeks I was told my daughter was gone. I had her at 40 weeks on March 12th, 2012. Loosing a child young had traumatized me and spun me into a party world. Partying, cutting school, and sex had become my life after loosing Leilani. Ultimately all of it caught up to me and I was pregnant with my second child. I had got back into school during my pregnancy, still was cutting school but not to much. I decided to hide my pregnancy and kept it under wraps the whole 9 months never gained 1 pound or a belly. I had gotten folic acid throughout my pregnancy I knew I had to tell my mother because I was going to give birth any day now. I told my younger sister and we both went downstairs. We all ended up in tears but she wasn't disappointed she was okay with it.

Finally after 9 months of hiding my baby girl came on November 18 one day after my close friend committed suicide. Julianna's middle name comes from my friend who passed one day before she was born. 3 days after vaginally giving birth we jumped in the car and drove 12 hours to meet her grandparents. I had never met them and we stayed 3 weeks at their house. Each month we'd go down or they'd come up and get her. For two weeks she'd stay with them. A couple months ago my mother and baby daddy told me that they were expecting their own child together. As soon as my daughter came home we left them for good. I now have sole custody of my child and am raising my 6 year old cousin Katie. Trying to finish high school on top of raising them and trying to stay sane myself. Loving every minute of it though, but if I could I'd go back and not have sex and wait.


at a summer party we were drinking a bit and smoking marijuana. Then of course it led to unprotected sex which resulted in our baby Anna. My mother was unsupportive through everything. I told her when I was 6 months pregnant. She said I could stay with her until Anna was 1 month or 2 months.

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Pregnant at 16 : teenage mother stories
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