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When to go see a doctor if you're pregnant?

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For my first five I went pretty much made my first appointment once I found out I was pregnant. With the last three I have waited until nearly 20 weeks, but I had several babies already, knew what was normal for me and what was not so it's not like I am advocating this for everyone.


I just got pregnant today and my doctor said come back in 4 weeks then i might be able to tell if its a girl or boy.


I just found out I am pregnant (1st one) and the doctor doesn't want to see me until I'm 8wks.

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Check your pregnancy week by week. Newborn
1. I’m keeping up my exercise routine, but I’m not overdoing it. If I’ve been exercising regularly, then I’ve adjusted my routine to make it safe for pregnancy.
When to go see a doctor if you're pregnant?
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