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Tips for sleeping on your side when pregnant

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I have always been a side sleeper for the most part so it wasn't to hard to do while I was pregnant . That being said that didn't mean it was always easy to get comfortable , no matter how hard you tried !! I used a body pillow and still do much to my husbands dismay !! I would put the body pillow in front of me so my legs and belly could be supported and then I used a regular pillow behind me for my back . Its amazing he fit in the bed !! LOL


Invest in a body pillow! Also sleeping on your left side help increase blood flow. I still sleep with mine and 2 pillows for my head.


It hurts. I would just change positions as often as needed. Having a "leg" pillow really helped as I could rest my belly on it too, thus relieving some of the weight on my hip and side.

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Tips for sleeping on your side when pregnant
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