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Did you start planning to TTC again while pregnant

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Not at all! When I was pregnant with my son I decided that I never wanted to do that again. I have since changed my mind, but only after some time had passed and the memory of pregnancy was a little faded.


When I was pregnant, hubby and I did start planning to TTC again. Since it took supplements to help me get pregnant in the first place, we figured we'd have to probably use the same method to get pregnant again, allowing us to sort of plan without having to use birth control.

Did we want them before WE were a certain age? How far apart should the kids be for their optimal health, happiness, and ability to thrive?


I did not plan on having more kids while still pregnant. Honestly, I just wanted to get through the pregnancy I was in and not interested in more! I started to plan again when my kids were about a year old.

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Did you start planning to TTC again while pregnant
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