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How to deal with baby mama drama

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Stay clear of it. Remember that whatever relationship that your man has with the baby mama is their own unique relationship, you won't be able to fix it nor change it. You will just have to realize if you can accept it or not. The best way to deal with baby mama drama is to encourage your man to not engage in petty drama with his ex, do not tell him what to do, but remind him that his baby mama is there simply to co-parent with him, no extra bs needed.


My primary advice would be this: whatever happens between him and his child's mother, it needs to stay between them. Even if she doesn't like you, and vice versa, make sure that he is doing his job by maintaining a healthy relationship with his ex for the sake of his children.

But even if you are in a committed relationship with the guy, his children will never technically be yours. You can love them like your own, but always understand that they are not and whatever conclusions he and his ex come to about their children together, you need to abide by those.

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How to deal with baby mama drama
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