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How to discipline a willful toddler?

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Discipline for children is grounded on a healthy relationship between parent and child. To know healthy discipline for children discipline-for-children you must first know your child.

Know Your Child

These are the three most useful words in discipline for children. Study your child. Know your child’s needs and capabilities at various ages. Your discipline techniques will be different at each stage because your child’s needs change.

Know Age-Appropriate Behavior

Many conflicts arise when parents expect children to think and behave like adults. You need to know what behavior is usual for a child at each stage of development in order to recognize true misbehavior.

Get Behind the Eyes of Your Child

Healthy discipline for children requires understanding that children don’t think like adults. Kids try crazy things and think crazy thoughts at least by adult standards

Help the Child to Respect Authority

Parents, take charge of your children. That’s basic in discipline for children 101. But being a trusted authority in your child’s life does not automatically come with the job of being a parent. The child who is told he must obey “or else,” may behave, but does so out of fear, not respect. “Honor thy father and thy mother” is the wise and time-honored teaching; not fear them. Honor implies both obedience and respect.

Set Limits, Provide Structure

Establish rules, but at the same time create conditions that make the rules easier to follow. Children need boundaries. They won’t thrive or survive without limits; neither will their parents. To learn about their environment, toddlers must explore and be energetic.

Model Discipline for Children

A model is an example your child imitates. The mind of a growing child is a sponge, soaking up life’s experiences; it’s a video camera capturing everything a child hears and sees, storing these images in a mental vault for later retrieval.

Nurture Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Discipline for children is easier if the growing person has a positive self-image. She thinks of herself as a worthwhile person, and so she behaves in a worthwhile way.

Talk and Listen

Communicate with your child so she doesn’t become parent deaf. The best authority figures specialize in communication with children. Oftentimes re-phrasing the same directive in a more child-considered way makes the difference in whether a child obeys or defies you.

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How to discipline a willful toddler?
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