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How to lose weight after giving birth

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Me and my fiancé have challenged each other, He challenged me to lose 30lbs, (because ive been complaining about it lol) and ive challenged him to gain 20lbs because he is such a tooth pick lol and he complains about how skinny he is. ive been using free weights and walk up and down the stairs with them. And I also have this outfit from Walmart called sauna, you wear it when you work ut and it uses your body heat to help you sweat and lose weight faster..also you have to remember to eat healthy.


So I started eating foods with very low carbs and low calories or none at all. Basically fruits, veggies, and protein meats such as chicken, turkey and fish. I did this for 6 days and my 7th day was a free day meaning I could eat what I wanted. I started losing weight within that week. A few pounds each week. Each week got easier and each Friday (free day) I was eating less of whatever I wanted and was getting fuller faster. I was also running on the treadmill, playing Just Dance on the Wii (that was a total workout) and I was tanning (sweating off the pounds). My diet started at 190 lbs and ended at 140 lbs.


Breast feeding is a great help with loosing weight but of course shouldn't be the reason you do it . Walking with your little one is greqt way to get exercise and get some fresh air . You can put baby in a wrap or stroller and off you go . try and eat healthy and get as much rest as you can . remember your body may never be eactly the same but you made a beautiful baby !!!

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How to lose weight after giving birth
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