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Problems with gifted children in the classroom

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Katie is an exceptional gifted child. She's no genius but really smart. In preschool there was two classes a lower and higher one, after two weeks in the lower one (due to her young age) the bumped her up to the advanced one. She amazed them because she was so smart. In kindergarten she wasn't in there no longer than a week, they realized she was smart. The put her in k-1 and she was smarter than most of the kids in her class. She was doing 1st grade work I have no idea why they kept saying she was in k-1 she was doing 1st grade work and better than most of the kids in there. She received all the awards given and was proud. They were going to put her into 1st because really she was in k-l but the teacher promoted her to second because 1st grade again would bore her. The principal didn't want her in 2nd because he didn't believe in skipping a grade but going back a grade which is bogus! Now in 2nd grade at 6 years old she is so smart. She's doing good because she's just smart go Katie!


I have a high IQ, or so I was told, and would constantly do things that would get me in trouble because I became bored, easily.

The problem with gifted children is also the fact they have difficulty socializing with their peers and making friends.

As for me, as a child, I could talk to an adult much easier than I could a child my age.


Many times when children are especially gifted, they get labeled as a problem child. This is because they are often bored by the instruction in the class, finish their work early, or just have no reason to listen to the same concept or theory explained more than one way.

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Problems with gifted children in the classroom
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