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How to potty train a 3 year old in one week

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We did the 3daypottytraining method with both of our children. It is a 30 page e-book and is worth every penny! The method has worked both times and we were so glad to avoid spending weeks and weeks cleaning up accidents. Those 3 days aren't easy, I won't lie, but then we are done and can move on to the next thing


I counted down for a week with both my kids to the last diaper .. And told them they don't make them for their size and its time.. Obviously we had been practicing but then that last diaper was go time.

We had some accidents in the first two days. A lot while out.. But I was prepared with clothes and patience.


last week my husband simply took our son's (3.5yo) pull-ups away, told Jr. he was going to wear underroos and he's basically potty trained. All week he has gone #1 and #2 on his little potty. Today he had to go on a big potty because our bathroom was in use. He's also had some accidents today but we've been busy.

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How to potty train a 3 year old in one week
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