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Common causes of projectile vomiting in children

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Likely causes of vomiting depend on the child's age. In newborns and infants, the most common causes include:

Gastroenteritis (infection of the digestive tract) due to a virus.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

In older children, the most common cause is

Gastroenteritis due to a virus

Less common causes:
In newborns and infants, some causes, although less common, are important because they may be life threatening:

Narrowing or blockage of the passage out of the stomach (pyloric stenosis) in infants aged 3 to 6 weeks

A blockage of the intestine caused by birth defects, such as twisting (volvulus) or narrowing (stenosis) of the intestine.

Sliding of one segment of intestine into another (intussusception) in infants aged 3 to 36 months

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Common causes of projectile vomiting in children
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