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Treatment for swelling of the feet during pregnancy

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Oh the joys of pregnancy swelling . I hated it especially in the summer , that is when I would have the most issues with it . I tried to drink plenty of water and keep my feet up if it got to bad . I always felt like my fingers and toes looked like sausages .


During my pregnancy, my feet and ankles swelled to at least 2-3 times their normal size. And, boy, did they hurt. I retained a lot of water during pregnancy, so that aided in the fact.

I purchased a pair of Doctor Scholl's sneakers to see if it would help. It did not for me. The most comfortable shoe I found were a pair of cloth, padded Crocs.

My hubby would massage my feet, once in a while. He purchased a foot massage tub but when it was discovered I had gestational diabetes, I was no longer able to use it.

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Treatment for swelling of the feet during pregnancy
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