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How to teach your kids to read an analog clock

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Learning how to read an analog clock can be tough for some children. First, they really should know how to count by fives. Next I would take a clock they can maneuver themselves and let them play around with the hands and face of the clock. Teach them which numbers you count by fives and what the individual minutes look like on the clock. Also make sure they understand the difference between the little hand and the big hand! With enough practice, your child will quickly understand how to read an analog clock.


I find that when they make a craft and spend time drawing bubbles letters or cutting it out and making it their own, they learn it a lot faster..

I cut out a big circle and traced some bubble numbers for them, with tiny dots in-between the numbers.. and helped them with the order.. and got a clips so that the arrows would spin.


We used a teaching clock or a homemade clock in addition to practice sheets to teach our children to tell time on an analog clock. It takes time and lots of practice. Nowadays with as many digital clocks as there are in homes, I'd limit access to them or else your child will struggle.

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How to teach your kids to read an analog clock
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