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Push out a baby: is it really easy?

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I find this stage of labor to be easier than the earlier stages.

The reason it hurts so much is because there is intense pressure and your vagina is opening to let the baby come out. I've always told people to push as if you are having the biggest bowel movement of your life.


My mother in law barely made it before my husband was born. They put her legs in the stirrup and the doctor had to catch my husband. I've been lucky with both my girls. I didn't push long at all.14 mins with my first and 6 mins with my youngest.


At the time you are able to push, your body goes into auto-pilot. During the contractions you start to worry that you won't be able to take any more, but pushing is almost involuntary. When you get the urge to push, it's actually a relief cause you are about to cross the finish line!

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Push out a baby: is it really easy?
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