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Raising a child with Down Syndrome: junior high school

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My daughter is not there yet. She is eleven years old in the fifth grade, but she is already boy crazy--which worries us. All we can do is pray and do our best to be great role models and hope she will make the right choices. Jaina is loved by many who encounter her. She welcomes everyone with a hug and smile and calls everyone her friend. She has never had any trouble making friends with other children. She has an excellent teacher right now for her class, and we could not be any happier. I fear the day she begins junior high because of the dances and more boys (oh dear).


So my son had down syndrome. he is now in high school. He made it through junior high. We lived in SC from 6-10. The kids down south loved the kids with disability. In the beginning my son was not a social butterfly, as soon as he got know everybody in school everybody knew him by his name. Ever tome he walked down the hall he was given pounds to everybody or high fives. It was just so awesome to see this.

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Raising a child with Down Syndrome: junior high school
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