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What do you think caused the lower rate of teen moms?

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I feel like the openness to discussion and education have caused the lower rate of teen pregnancy. And, the fact that sex is plastered EVERYWHERE, rather than upping the rates, may lower them. It's not taboo anymore. It will always be instinctive but making it "wrong" is going to make a lot of teens go out and try it. Open discussion with parents, accessibility to birth control, all of these things I think help lower the rate of teen moms.


I mean, the girls that are sitting there thinking, "I want a baby!" might have seen that it's NOT all cute baby bump, tiny baby toes, and cute baby clothes. It's a human life you are responsible for, and your actions matter.

Maybe those girls who were thinking "I could do this, have a baby, be a mom." changed their minds after they saw a bit of reality (albeit, not the best representation of teenage parenting, since they do show things and edit things to appeal to the target audience).

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What do you think caused the lower rate of teen moms?
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