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Moms, how to tell the difference between real jobs and scams

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Most people mistake a job and a business opportunity. If you are expected to pay to get started in something, that is not a job. It is a business, and yes, there are scams out there! So be careful and do your research before you get into anything! As for jobs, an actual job will require an application/interview process, and will require that you fill out a w-2 form.


Googling the name of just about any company will provide you with results about its legitimacy. If the company is bigger, I like to go to sites like GlassDoor (for any job, online or not, really) where employees post legitimate reviews of what it's like to work for the company.

Also, keep in mind what work you'll be doing, how valuable it is, and what the pay is.

As other mamas have said, avoiding pyramid schemes is probably a good idea too.

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Moms, how to tell the difference between real jobs and scams
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