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Rash on babies: harmless vs concerning ones

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Slapped Cheek Syndrome” or Fifth's Disease which is characterized by a bright red rash on the cheeks that comes quickly and gives the child the appearance of having been slapped. It's spread through respiratory secretions and generally isn't serious. The rash may spread other places like the legs. Kids often have a high temperature. They may also have a sore throat and other flu/cold like symptoms.


My poor baby girl has a terrible diaper rash... :( I don't know what happened. She really hasn't had a diaper rash before. I don't know when it started.

As I was wiping, she was crying and it hit me that she was in pain. Eliana hasn't cried like that since the week she was born when she wouldn't stop vomiting. I felt so scared, but as I was wiping I realized she had a terrible diaper rash.

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Rash on babies: harmless vs concerning ones
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