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How to know you are ready for a baby?

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Honestly, I think you'll just know in your heart when you're ready for a baby. Perfect finances, a "stable" life or relationship... All these things are helpful, but not, for me at least, the main determining factor. I think when both you and your partner feel that a baby would be a worthwhile addition to your family, and you're well enough to give them the basics... You're probably ready. It's a very personal decision.


To be honest.. you can never be 100% prepared to bring a baby home... whether it be financially, emotionally, etc... you won't ever be 100% there.. and that's okay! My husband and I finally realized this early last year... here I was trying to prepare as much as I could, financially, work wise, mentally, emotionally.. trying to perfect all aspects of my life.. until I realized.. if I keep trying to do this and THEN want a baby.. it might never ever happen!

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How to know you are ready for a baby?
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