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Where do I find a kids hippie costume for Halloween?

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You can look online at costume stores but it's easier to go the DIY route. Almost everyone has a tie dye shirt even if it's from high school. Wear boot cut jeans or take older jeans and cut them at the bottom and sew in fabric and make bell bottoms. A peace sign necklace is great too. Don't forget to draw a peace sign or a flower on their cheek and teach them to say groovy man.


There are stores and websites where you can easily find a kids hippie costume for Halloween. Your other option is to create one of your own. All it takes is a tie dyed shirt, either bought at a thrift store or made from a cheap, white, cotton t-shirt, a bandanna worn as a headband, and maybe a necklace with a homemade peace symbol medallion.

If you prefer shopping for such a costume, try your local Halloween spirit store or Party City. For websites, you could look at Oriental Trading Company, Target, or Walmart.

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Where do I find a kids hippie costume for Halloween?
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