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I recently had to buy Henry new shoes. To say he wasn't thrilled about it was an understatement.

We had his feet measured and he tried on several different pairs of shoes at a couple stores. He kept complaining none of them fit.

We got frustrated with each other.

"I think you just don't want new shoes so you claim none of these fit."

"Is that your hypothesis, mom?"

"Yes and I know I'm right!"


"Mommy, blueberries are for boys, girls eat pink berries." Aidan 2yr old

"Was Darth Vader a good Daddy?" Aidan 5yr old

"The birds are having a meeting." Lucy 2yr old looking at the birds on the telephone line

"Look! I can pee like Daddy!" Delilah 2yr old holding pretending to pee standing up


For instance, it's bedtime. Bub wants a snack before bed and I haven't been grocery shopping in a few days so the choices are limited. He settles on his snack, eats it and then scoots off to bed.

I lean down to give him a hug and kiss and he looks at me sweetly and says "Mom, come closer I want to whisper something to you."

Awwwww. Right?

I lean in feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. He says "Mom, you need to go to the grocery store."

Sigh. So much for platitudes of undying love.

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Funny things you've heard your kids say
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