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Cute Hanukkah crafts for kids

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Get kids excited about Hanukkah with these fun crafts.

Create a hand print menorah by brush kids' hands with blue paint all over and have them place their hands down on a piece of white paper. Make sure the thumbs overlap a bit to form the middle candle. Have kids wash their hands and then have them dip all 10 fingers in yellow paint to make the fingerprint candle lights.

Paint 6 popsicle sticks blue and then glue them together, forming the Star of David sign. Attach a piece of ribbon or string to hang it.

Draw a dreidel outline on a piece of paper and have kids cut them out. Ask them to decorate the dreidel with different symbols. If you add the dreidels to a length of ribbon, you can create a garland out of them.

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Cute Hanukkah crafts for kids
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