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My child is allergic to bees: do they have epi pens for kids ?

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They sure do, and you should carry one on you at all times. You will need to go to the doctor to get a prescription for it. Ask for two, one for home and one for traveling. The one we use is called EpiPen, but there are different brands. EpiPen has a junior version for younger children as well. Make sure you feel comfortable with how it works and what to do once you administer the epi pen if needed.


Yes they do and it is very important to have one and always carry it with you . Its also a good idea to have a doctors note and send one to school just in case they are stung at school . Also you need to teach them, if they are old enough , how to do it themselves and if they have older siblings its good for them to know how just in case . They usually come with a "dummy" one with no needle or meds in it to use to practice with .

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My child is allergic to bees: do they have epi pens for kids ?
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