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Your secret to stop kids fighting

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For my kids ifs its real bad they will get their butts busted and explained why they aren't allowed to hit other people(kind of a contradiction though smacking them for smacking), if its a little cat fight they get in time out and explained to also.


I can tell my kids are fed up with each other this summer. They are more than ready to go back to school. They literally fight ALL DAY EVERY DAY. It's driving me insane.

My son got an ipad for his bday (he saved up bday money to buy it) and at first, I was against him getting it, but it's proven to be good...I have something to take away that means something to him!

When they start fighting with each other, they immediately have to clean something. My baseboards have never been so clean! I just keep coming up with chore after chore for them to do.

Another thing I did, and I wish I could take credit for this, but I saw it on Pinterest, was to take one of my husbands undershirts and I shoved it over both of their heads. So one child's left arm stuck out and the other child's right arm stuck out. I even took fabric markers and wrote "Get Along Shirt". The first time they wore it, they were playing video games. I told them that they needed to figure out how to play the game without fighting.

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Your secret to stop kids fighting
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