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Interesting ADHD diet for kids

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Me and my husband have always said we would never medicate our kids. His sons mom is trying to medicate his son and we are fighting it. The first time I met his son he's was WILD! I told my husband...take the sugar away. He didn't believe me but I talked him into it. Lol I had him cut out everything with sugar we even super limited natural sugars. We took him to a new doc and he is actually allergic to sugar and doesn't process it correctly. He's a different kid without it.

I hate the ADHD label. People are already trying to tell me that Tristen has it (not doctors, just random people) and I'm like "no he's just a normal active boy" it's sad that people want kids to sit and be quiet and not make any noise.

There is almost always another alternative to medicating.

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Interesting ADHD diet for kids
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