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I just found out I am pregnant: exited or sad?

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In 1995 I Mrs. Lisa Griffin was pregnant with twins girls but my mom made me get 2 abortions and I was sad at that time. But in 1998 we had our daughter Sabrina griffin back then and now she'll be 18 yrs old on DEC. 15th,2016. And had miss Katy griffin on April 30th, 2010. And Katy griffin born blind. But both doing good in school here in Madison , WI. 53713. Talk to you later. Nice talking to u.


Very excited after multiple miscarriage


excited but nervous because that would be number 4


When I found out I was excited never sad. Im young yeah but people younger than me have babies so im happy.


Get over the first shock... we were trying and I still screamed yelled sweared and cried about it then I calmed down after my best friend raced over after work and I told her first bad I know but I was freeking out and needed to tell someone and get a hug and cry it out then I calmed my cat down cause he had no clue what was going on... and went out and got my hubby a card to tell him... Then after all the shock I was super excited


I would be excited for another one. Of course, I would worry for a few moments about raising 2 under two for a while, but it would not last. I am ready for another! Bring it one! Lol


For my first pregnancy I was scared and upset. I was still in high school and I was only 17 at the time. I had a lot of colleges lined up in plan for my career in medicine. I knew once I found out that all of that was going to come at a much later time because I was pregnant. So my main focus became my baby girl and graduating school to make sure she could have a better life. Now the second time I found out I was pregnant I was shocked and excited. I wanted a boy so my husband and I were trying and trying. And every time I thought I was it turned out I wasn't. Until one morning my husband made me get up to take the test before he left for work and it came out positive. He was so happy and jumping for joy that I was finally pregnant again. So from that morning I knew I was having my boy and I just couldn't wait.


I was super excited when we found out we are expecting! But it didn't sink in for me until the first sonogram when I heard and saw my baby's heartbeat!


i was nervous as ever when i found out i was pregnant with my first child, but within the first couple months the excitement hit, with the other 2 i was beyond excited when the test read + :)


When I found out I was pregnant with JJ I was over the moon excited. I was also nervous but very excited to have a precious gift from God growing in me. Even though I was young I still felt very blessed to have JJ.

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I just found out I am pregnant: exited or sad?
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