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Creative ideas for kids necklaces

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Few kids can resist making necklaces, boys and girls alike. For the actual necklace part, you could use ribbon, string, thin rope, or even drinking straws.

For the decorations, the sky's the limit. Look around your house to see what items you already have. Chances are you have plenty of options. There's dried ziti or rigatoni shapes, Cheerios, beads, pretty paper, buttons and bolts. If you can poke a hole in it or attach a hook to it, you can use it.

It's extremely important not to make the necklace too short or snug. You'll want to leave it extra long so the child can easily remove the necklace. If there are small pieces, make sure the necklace is securely fastened so little kids don't choke on them.

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Creative ideas for kids necklaces
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