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Healthy eating suggestions for kids

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Here's approximate menu of my son

Breakfast: Cereal with milk (buckwheat, corn, oats or cream of wheat),or

Pancakes, or

Cottage cheese with sour cream and honey, or

Omelette with tomatoes, sausage and cheese

Tea or cocoa or coffee with milk to drink

Lunch: Cheesecakes with jam

Tea or cocoa to drink

After he comes home from school - soup or broth with toasts.

Juice or fruit compote to drink

Afternoon snack: Cookies with milk, apple, banana, pear, roll with butter and tea, etc.

Dinner: Fish, chicken cutlet, steak (chicken, pork, etc.) with mashed potatoes (pasta, rice with vegetables, etc.), vegetable stew, pilaf and salad (mainly from fresh vegetables).

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Healthy eating suggestions for kids
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