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What are some easy to make desserts for kids?

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cut some apples drizzle some chocolate, caramel or yogurt, them sprinkle some chopped nuts, colorful sprinkles... dip some bananas in a stick frozen in chocolate and again sprinkle fun color on it! filled the middle of a strawberried with some cream cheese just add 2 tsp of sugar to the cream cheese!


Jello molds!


No bake cookies


Some easy to make desserts you can make for kids are those with very few ingredients and little preparation.

You can make ice cream sandwiches by putting some ice cream between 2 cookies. If you want to get fancy, you can roll the ice cream sides in sprinkles.

You could put a slice of pound cake on a plate, add some sliced berries and whipped cream for an easy dessert.

Kids also can't pass up s'mores. All you need are 2 graham crackers, a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow, gently warmed so it gets melty. Mmmmm.

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What are some easy to make desserts for kids?
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